Rockite: For anchoring and patching

Rockite is a fast setting, hydraulic expansion cement. Mixes with water, initially sets within 15 minutes, and within one hour sets stronger than concrete. Great for patching concrete and brick, and anchoring bolts, screws, balustrades, gates, fencing, railings, and more.

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Warning: Due to its expansion properties, do not use Rockite for anchoring in cement that is narrow on top such as handicapped ramps, concrete construction barriers, or concrete walls. When using Rockite, always leave at least 4 inches from the edge of the concrete to the hole.

Do not use Rockite in swimming pools!

When used outdoors, Rockite should be allowed to dry out thoroughly for seven days, and then protected with a coat of good grade exterior paint or sealer. Rockite should not be used underwater or as a primary structural member. Rockite should not be used outdoors for anchoring in porous materials such as brick, limestone and granite, when they are exposed to wet conditions. Use Kwixset for those kinds of applications.

  • Initially sets in 15 minutes
  • Self-leveling
  • Takes stress loading in two hours
  • Minimal waste: mix Rockite/Kwixset as you require it
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Rockite will set below freezing, down to 25°F / -4°C
  • Kwixset will set down to 39°F / 4°C
  • Easy, economical, and safe to use

How to Mix Rockite Cement

Always use a clean container. Never add sand, gravel, or other foreign substances to Rockite – they weaken the cement and affect the setting.

Yield (Volume Calculation)

  • 1 lb Rockite Cement yields 18.75 cubic inches
  • 92 lbs Rockite Cement yields one cubic foot

Fluid (Pouring) Consistency

Mix Rockite with water to a thick paste. Let the mixture stand for approx. one minute, then stir thoroughly. At this point, the mixture will become more fluid. The proper consistency is like a thick batter, just fluid enough to pour, but not watery. Keep the mix thick, this makes stronger cement. Add water very sparingly. If the mix is thin, add more Rockite promptly to thicken it. The exact water measurements are 4 ½ oz per lb or 1 ½ pints per 5 lb box – measure accurately!

Plastic Consistency

Add only enough water to make the cement form dry lumps. Keep mixing for 60–90 seconds. As the powder absorbs the moisture, the cement will begin to look like ordinary putty. This is the proper consistency. The exact water measurements for the plastic consistency is 3 ½ oz per lb – measure accurately!

Anchoring Glass Balustrades

Anchoring glass balustrade directly into floor
Anchoring a glass balustrade directly into floor
Anchoring glass balustrade into aluminum shoe
Anchoring a glass balustrade into aluminum shoe