Kwixset: Exterior, waterproof anchoring cement

Kwixset is a fast-setting, weatherproof hydraulic expansion cement – the exterior counterpart to Rockite. Mixes with water, initially sets within 15-20 minutes, and within one hour sets stronger than concrete. Great for patching concrete and brick, and anchoring bolts, screws, balustrades, gates, fencing, railings, and more.

Warning: Kwixset has very strong expansion properties which generate the high tensile loads that can be achieved. Therefore, we do not recommend its use in hollow bricks, concrete block, limestone, or granite. Always leave at least 4 inches from the edge of the concrete to the hole.

  • Just add water
  • Initially sets in 15-20 minutes
  • Self-leveling
  • Takes stress loading in two hours
  • Minimal waste: mix Rockite/Kwixset as you require it
  • Indefinite shelf life (protect from moisture, tie bag & clost lid tight)
  • Rockite will set below freezing, down to 25°F / -4°C
  • Kwixset will set down to 39°F / 4°C
  • Easy, economical, and safe to use

Kwixset makes quick work of repairing holes and cracks in walls, ceilings, and interior floors. A patch or plug of Kwixset locks itself into place by expanding within the void, and will not crack or let go when subjected to normal heat or pressure. Kwixset should be placed at above freezing temperatures.

Conveniently packaged in 25 lb/11.3 kg and 50 lb/22.7 kg packages, Kwixset meets every need from the DIY project to the stern realities of plant maintenance. Mixing Kwixset is an easy job for even the most inexperienced person – merely add water until you get the proper consistency for the job at hand.

How to Mix

Pour enough Kwixset for the job at hand into a clean container. Don’t mix more than can be applied in ten minutes. Setting time may vary depending on the temperature. Gradually add water until the desired consistency is reached. DO NOT USE MORE WATER THAN DESCRIBED BELOW:

  • Fluid Consistency for pouring requires 4 oz of water per pound of Kwixset; stir the mix as water is added. Final consistency should be a thick paste similar to pancake batter. Add more Kwixset if the mixture is too watery.
  • Plastic Consistency for troweling requires about 3.5 oz of water per pound of Kwixset. Work the mix to putty-like firmness, kneading it with the hands if necessary. Add Kwixset sparingly if the mixture is too watery.

Anchoring embedded items in concrete

  1. Drill hole.
  2. Blow out dust and cuttings.
  3. Fill hole with water and scrub interior surfaces.
  4. Wipe out excess water, leaving hole damp.
  5. In floors, position embedded item in hole and pour fluid Kwixset around it.
  6. In walls or ceiling, fill hole with plastic Kwixset and press or tamp embedded item into position. If Kwixset is too fluid and sags, let it stand a few minutes then smooth with trowel or putty knife.
  7. Support embedded items until Kwixset has set – approximately 15-20 minutes.
  8. Let set for 1-2 hours before putting strain on embedded items.

Patching cracks and holes in concrete

  1. Remove loose and fractured material in and around void to be patched.
  2. Chisel edges of void so that no part of Kwixset patch is less than ½ inch deep. Feather edges should be avoided.
  3. Blow chips and dirt out of void. Remove any grease with caustic solution and scrape, if necessary, to provide clean interior surfaces.
  4. Keep void and surrounding area damp, but avoid water accumulation.
  5. Place a small amount of Kwixset in void and scrub it into interior surfaces to ensure bond.
  6. For floors, fill void with fluid consistency Kwixset; for walls and ceilings, fill void with plastic consistency Kwixset.
  7. After approx. ten minutes, smooth with trowel.
  8. After approx. thirty minutes, sprinkle patch with water, then light traffic may walk floor patches. After one hour, resume normal traffic.
  9. For large patching jobs, sand and aggregate may be added per specifications.

Anchoring Glass Balustrades

Anchoring glass balustrade directly into floor
Anchoring a glass balustrade directly into floor
Anchoring glass balustrade into aluminum shoe
Anchoring a glass balustrade into aluminum shoe

-When anchoring a glass balustrade outdoors, make sure to completely fill the channel, or top off any remaining space with silicone caulk or other sealant to ensure no water can rest on top of the Kwixset. Long term exposure to standing water, can degrade the integrity of the cement, as well as freeze & expand during winter.